Brady Thomas Sullivan was born on June 8, 2004, just eight months before the Patriots won their third Super Bowl.

All throughout my life, the New England Patriots have always meant a lot to my family, so much so, that I was named after the star future Hall of Fame quarterback.

My dad has owned season tickets for as long as I can remember, and he was there when the Patriots won their first two Super Bowls ever and when they lost their perfect season in Super Bowl XLII.

The Patriots have always been my favorite team, but the player who means the most to me and my family has always been Tom Brady. For as long as I have been alive, Tom has been the Patriots quarterback. The first time I remember the significance of being named after him was in 2012 after the Patriots lost Super Bowl XLVI to the New York Giants.

I remember still being upset when my dad picked me up at school the next day. I was saying to him, "Now I will never see the Patriots win a Super Bowl," but he reminded me that I already had, when the Patriots won Super Bowl XXXIX, when I was eight months old. This gave me no comfort, and I told my dad that I was too young and I would never see them win one that I can remember.

My dad went on to tell me how the Patriots had Tom Brady, the best quarterback in football, and so not to worry, I would indeed get to see them win a Super Bowl. This was the first time I fully realized the pride in being named after Tom Brady.

With all the talk of Tom Brady’s new contract and the possibility of him opting out after this season has got me thinking, could this really be his last year with the Patriots?

Personally, I would be very disappointed seeing him opt out and wearing a different jersey. To see Tom Brady leave the Patriots would not just be sad because it would mark the end of the Patriots dynasty, but it would also be sad because of his legacy and how much he has meant to not just my family but for all families throughout New England. His legacy as the G.O.A.T. [the Greatest of All-Time] is already solidified, but for Tom Brady to do it all on one team is unheard of in today’s sports.

We have other Boston sports greats like Larry Bird and Ted Williams, who have stayed with their Boston teams throughout their careers, but back then it was much more common to stay on the same team, but it rarely happens now.

Tom Brady was drafted in 2000, and is still playing today. That puts him at 20 seasons with the Patriots. If he stays here until the end of his career, it would mean so much to my family and me, as well as all fans who would like to see him retire with the Patriots.

If he does decide to opt out of his contract, he will leave behind a legacy as the greatest quarterback to ever play the game. I am very lucky to have been able to go and watch him play over the years, and in the unfortunate event that he does decide to opt out and play for another team, as disappointed as I would be, I would still root for him. If he does change teams, I would hope he goes to an NFC team, where he would not be the Patriots' direct competition.

I truly believe that Tom Brady will never opt out of his contract with the Patriots, instead choosing to retire first. I believe he will end up playing through the end of his contract in 2021, and with the incredible start to this season (3-0) win at least one more Super Bowl.

Brady Thomas Sullivan is a sophomore at Boston College High School, where he plays on the Ultimate Frisbee team. Before high school, he attended the Winter Hill Community Innovation School, and while there he played on the Somerville High School JV hockey team, as well as on the high school’s first-ever lacrosse team. He also played in the Somerville Youth Hockey, Somerville Little League, Somerville Babe Ruth, Somerville Youth Football, Somerville Youth Lacrosse and Somerville Youth Soccer leagues.