President Donald Trump has declared unequivocally that Time Magazine's Person of the Year should, for the second consecutive year, be himself, President Donald Trump.

I have another person who should receive that honor. This person has had to undergo abuse and ridicule for standing up for his beliefs. He has been ostracized and blackballed from ever working at his craft again.

None other than the president of the United States of America has called for this man's United States citizenship be revoked for life. In fact, this self-serving president would love to revoke his visa and passport, put him on a tramp steamer, and have him sail forever on the seas with no entry allowed at any and all ports of entry. The name of this person is Colin Kaepernick.

What Mr. Kaepernick knelt for was not a protest against the flag or the United States of America. What he knelt for was inequality and unfair treatment some Americans have endured for decades. While the United States of America is called "the land of the free," there are millions of Americans who are denied these same freedoms by methods of abuse and exclusion.

Colin Kaepernick, you are my nomination for Time Magazine's Person of the Year. This would not only be a huge snub to the president, but also a giant kick to his behind.


Alan Amiralian