My name is Mike Domina and I’m humbled, honored and excited to announce my candidacy for the Billerica School Committee. It's time for comprehensive and impactful decision-making for our children where accountability is not avoided, collaboration is expected, and professionalism is the norm.

Our children deserve a 21st-century vision without limits or judgment. The fundamental role of a School Committee includes responsibilities in three main focus areas: write and maintain policies, approve and monitor the budget, and hire and evaluate the superintendent.

With these clear focus areas in mind, we need to reset the vision of the Billerica School Committee. Our focus needs to be transparent to the public at large through the application of a comprehensive vision statement that guides all decision-making. I’m eager to contribute to this needed and necessary change.

I bring 24-years of professional education experience as a special education teacher, district support specialist, assistant principal, and principal. Over the course of my professional career, I have designed, implemented and lead multiple collaborative educational initiatives focusing on positive student engagement, needs-based budget development, effective lesson plan advancement, and data-driven decision making. I believe that building relationships through consistent and positive engagement is the key to unlocking the potential for all students regardless of their individual needs. I tirelessly promote that every day is an opportunity to “be the difference” for kids.

Due to my extensive professional experiences, I will provide leadership, experience, knowledge, and accountability when building a 21st-century vision for the Billerica Public Schools. I will model and demonstrate flexible thinking, active listening, and reflective practices to better support our students, parents, faculty, district administrators, and Billerica residents.

Please consider my candidacy for the Billerica School Committee. Town-wide elections are scheduled for Saturday, April 4, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.