CARVER – She’s a bride who doesn’t know who her real father is so invites three potential candidates to her wedding. Her groom isn’t thrilled.

The strong voices of the cast members made “Mamma Mia” featuring hit songs by the popular 1970s group ABBA the right fit for the Carver High School Drama Club’s upcoming production, new choral director Jillian Griffin explained during last week’s rehearsal while the young actors warmed up.

“I knew we had a good cast for this,” she said. “'Mamma Mia' is a music-heavy show with 23 songs in it, and I knew we had a lot of really strong vocalists.”

She said it’s also a lot of fun. The movie version premiered in 2008 when the students were very young and has maintained its popularity.

The lead cast members were selected during auditions with a lot of lead singing roles to go around, but anyone who wanted to be on stage as part of the ensemble was able to sign on.

“We didn’t cut anyone,” she said.

Griffin is new to Carver but not new to musical theater. She said she loves musical theater as a hobby, and was excited to sign on.

Olivia Rush plays Donna in the main lead with Charlotte Gedraitis as Sophie, Haley Spiewakowski as Rosie and Sydney Peterson as Tanya playing Donna’s friends the Dynamos, Mike Ferrari as Sky the groom and Alex Diogenes as Sam, one of the dads along with Richie Simison as Bill and Frankie Santos as Harry.

Brayden Boyle is Pepper, Jasper Demello is Eddie, Izzy Mercer is Ali and Lauren Todd is Lisa. The ensemble cast includes Jillian Brooks, Ray Jones, Mya Labrecque, Amanda Lauzon, Cullen O’Brien and Raven O’Brien.

The Carver High School Drama Club will present “Mamma Mia” at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, March 13 and 14, in the Carver Middle High School auditorium.

The cost is $10 for general admission and $5 for students and seniors.

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