Manomet recently announced that Catrina Damrell, of Cambridge, will now be leading the GSC program as Manomet’s program manager of grocery sustainability.

Damrell, who was crucial in the development of the seven-year-old program, has played an essential role as the field manager for the GSC for the past 6.5 years. She has held numerous positions in the environmental realm, from working as a field technician studying the Bahaman Parrot on Abaco Island to on-site consulting for a carbon-neutral certification program for wineries in New Zealand. She is a U.S. Fulbright Fellow alumnus, receiving her scholarship in 2012 to teach English in Indonesia. During that formative experience, she also volunteered at a local environmental grassroots organization and also designed and led a student-run film project on solid waste management affecting local beaches.

“I am thrilled to grow Manomet’s work with the grocery sector and beyond,” said Damrell. “Customers are excited when they see grocery stores demonstrating their commitment to sustainability; employees get engaged and more productive when they learn how they can implement sustainability where they work; and the grocery stores save money, water and energy by focusing on making their day-to-day operations more sustainable.”

“Catrina’s impressive knowledge of operational sustainability practices — from waste management to energy efficiency to employee engagement — will make her an effective leader for the Grocery Stewardship Certification program. She has built strong relationships within the grocery sector due to her passion for finding opportunities for retailers of all sizes to save money and resources,” said Andy Whitman, director of Manomet’s sustainable economies program. “I am confident in Catrina’s ability to raise the profile of the GSC grocery retailers as leaders in sustainability.”