MARION - With an increase of only 1.5 percent for next year, the Marion School Committee passed a $6.2 million budget for fiscal year 2021 on Wednesday night. The budget covers the needs for pre-kindergarten through grade 6 schooling, with students in grade 7 and on heading to Old Rochester Regional’s junior and senior high schools.

“I think the increase being so small, this budget is good on many levels,” said Superintendent Douglas White.

The current year’s budget was $6.14 million.

The district saved money most notably in out-of-district transportation with a $79,990 cut in costs there, a 10.25 percent cut in that budget line. White explained that the district had renegotiated transportation contracts and discontinued transportation to Bristol County Agricultural High School.

Another savings line was clerical staff paraprofessionals, that spending category dropped by $50,000, a savings of 8 percent. Retirements were listed as one of the budget drivers in White’s presentation.

The committee unanimously approved the budget, which had received the backing of town administration and the finance committee already.

“It was pleasant to have full support from the town in this budget process,” said Michelle Smith, committee member.