By a unanimous vote of 9-0, the Randolph Town Council approved a new title for current Library Director Elizabeth LaRosee: Director of library and recreation & community programs.

The move of combining the two positions will save the town money. It also is a strategic one which could build up the Randolph Intergenerational Community Center. 

“I believe this merger in leadership is the future of community-based programming,” said Town Manager Brian Howard. "It is starting to happen on the West Coast as we will be on the forefront in New England. I truly see the intrinsic value of such alliances, given the similar public-service missions of community centers and libraries. They are truly both civic centers – places designed to bring people together."

LaRosee has been credited with innovative library programming since she began working at Turner Free Library in 2014.She completed a months-long study of community programs and the ICC, which she presented to the council last month.

Combining the two positions will save approximately $80,000 per year, Howard estimated. 

LaRosee’s salary will range from $120,000-140,000. It currently is being negotiated.

“If I had to pay for both the library director and the new position just created, I would need to pay over $200,00 in salary, plus health insurance costs,” Howard said.

He added that the new job did not have to go out to bid because it is an expansion of current duties.

“I am tasked with oversight of the city organization, which includes addressing the needs of our community as a whole, ensuring sensible and responsible fiscal policies. I anticipate the partnership will allow a variety of joint-programming opportunities that will best service patrons of both the library and the community center.

“Opportunities are being identified across the divisions (library, recreation and senior services) to identify better ways to serve the public with the resources currently available. One example of improved service will include better access to recreation programming and classes through coordination by staff. Another example is sharing of expertise from ne division to another, such as children’s programming."

LaRosee will lead the library, recreation and elder affairs departments, in addition to overseeing the ICC.

She will report directly to Howard.