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A majority of Democratic voters in Saugus favored Joe Biden in Tuesday’s presidential primary.

Unofficial results showed that Biden paced the field of Democratic presidential candidates by receiving 1,723 votes in Saugus. He was followed by Bernie Sanders (1,231), Michael Bloomberg (660), Elizabeth Warren (580), Pete Buttigieg (114), Amy Klobuchar (55), Tulsi Gabbard (52), Tom Steyer (29), Deval Patrick (25), Michael Bennet (five), Andrew Yang (four), Cory Booker (two), Julian Castro (two), Marianne Williamson (two) and John Delaney (one).

In Saugus, Biden racked up 38% of the votes, with Sanders tallying 27%, Bloomberg 15% and Warren 13%.

Statewide, Biden collected 33% of the vote, Sanders 27% , Warren 20% and Bloomberg 12%.

On the Republican ballot in Saugus, President Donald Trump earned 1,692 votes, easily outdistancing candidates William Weld (66), Joe Walsh (14) and Roque De La Fuente (one).

A total of 6,385 ballots were cast in Saugus, which works out to 33.57% of the town’s registered voters.

For the Libertarian presidential primary in Saugus, the vote totals were Arvin Vohra (two), Vermin Love Supreme (three), Jacob George Hornberger (three), Samuel Joseph Robb (three), Dan Taxation is Theft Behrman (one), Kimberly Margaret Ruff (one), Kenneth Reed Armstrong (one), Adam Kokesh (one), Jo Jorgensen (zero) and Max Abramson (one).

Only one vote was cast in Saugus for a Green-Rainbow presidential candidate, with that vote going to Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry.

In the contested Republican primary for State Committee man, Stephen Zykofsky picked up 750 votes in Saugus, besting the 630 votes for Richard Wood Jr.

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