Queen Anne Wine & Spirits, a family-owned and operated business, will move up the street next month.

HINGHAM — Queen Anne Wine & Spirits is planning to move up the street next month, and will refocus on selling carefully selected artisan products.

"We wanted to make it a little more intimate and specialize in fine wines and craft beers," said Regina Marchione, a Hull resident and the store's owner and manager.

The family-operated business has been at 1 Whiting St. for decades. But on April 1, it will open its doors at a new but nearby location, 32 Whiting St.

The move means the business will downsize from 2,600 square feet of space to 1,300 square feet. The new space, which is currently empty, is near a 7-11 and a U.S. Post Office.

Marchione said her store will help bring a homey atmosphere to the otherwise corporate shopping strip, and that the smaller size will allow them to differentiate themselves from big-box liquor stores.

Marchione's husband, three out of the couple's four children and one of her brothers work alongside her at the store, which she said has played a key role in the business' success.

Customers know they can chat with her husband, Frank, for help picking out a wine from a selection he curated himself. And her daughter Maria is an expert on craft beers, always willing to help shoppers sort through sours, stouts and IPAs. The store will also continue to carry liquors.

"That's a big part of the business, that it's a family store and we all love what we do," Marchione said.