Joe Biden won big in Cohasset as the town saw an eight percent drop in voter turnout against the 2016 Presidential Primary.

The results are in from Tuesday’s Presidential Primary election, and as he did statewide, Joe Biden claimed victory in Cohasset.

2,552 total votes were cast in Cohasset on Tuesday, representing 43 percent of the 5,957 total registered voters. This number showed an 8 percent drop in voter turnout against the 2016 Presidential Primary.

Of the voters who headed to the polls Tuesday, 2,157 voted blue, a faction just north of 36 percent of the town’s registered voters.

Biden won handily among democratic voters, securing 943 votes (43.7 percent); over twice as many as his nearest competitor, Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg, who was on his first set of ballots on Super Tuesday, claimed 426 votes, finishing just shy of 20 percent of the town’s democratic casts.

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders finished in third and fourth respectively, with Warren garnering 361 votes and Sanders 319.

Seven other nominees received a percentage of the votes totaling roughly five percent. Among them, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Tusli Gabbard, Deval Patrick, Andrew Yang, Tom Steyer, and Marianne Williamson.

In Committee Man and Woman elections, Chris Matthews collected 1,400 votes while running unopposed on the democratic side, while Alice P. Arena won over Elika Peyvan by an 859 to 570 vote margin.

For the republicans, two nominees ran unopposed for State Committee Man and State Committee Woman, with David Collins and Janet R. Fogarty collecting 275 and 272 votes each.

389 total republican votes were cast in Cohasset on Tuesday.

For full results from Tuesday’s election, visit the Town Clerk’s office or find them online at under the town clerk’s page.

The next trip to the voting booths for Cohasset residents will be on May 4 for the Annual Town Election.