The town of Belmont released a notice of names of persons appearing to be owners of abandoned property calendar year 2018.

The names are as follows: Benjamin Adams, Delvart R. Almeida-Junior, Emil Ashikyan, Richard Beaty, Caroline Burns, George G. Coffin, William Cotter, Daedalus Projects Inc., Sandra L. Ehlinger, Lucy Fremont-Smith, Catherine A. Fullerton, David Fulton, Laura S. Goodman, Jennifer Hanna, Chiayu Huang, Jason Kaden, Sean Landers, Ivan Laxa, C. James Maclennan, Sarah E. Macphee, Marybeth Manca, MASPA, Sean N. Mcnamara, Vincent Nestor III, Jesse Nocon, Greg Parsons, Cara Pember, Audrey Piccin, Ruchi M. Pinisetti, Kenrith Plummer, Sara K. Pullen, Daniel Renteria, Jeremy W. Rusk, Ruichao Shen,Raymond Smith, Somayeh Tashakkori, Peter Tausek, Plato Varonakis, Verizon, Nan Wang, Xin Wang, Yaoshuang Wang, WB Mason Co. Inc. and Avery Williams.

What is Abandoned Property?

Abandoned Property pertains to any financial asset without customer generated activity for an extended period of time. It does not pertain to land or real estate of any kind. One example is uncashed checks.

What should I do if I find my name on the list?

Contact our office to initiate your claim process and determine what documents will be necessary for verification.

Have the following information readily available:

• Name as it appears on the list.

• Current address, plus any prior addresses

• Social security number.

• Insurance policy information, policy numbers, etc.

For information, contact Treasurer/Tax Collector Floyd S. Carman at 617-993-2770, fax 617-993-2771 or email