Norfolk County Sheriff Jerry P. McDermott was joined by District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey and police chiefs from across the county at the Norfolk County Correctional Center to announce the launch of the “Mass Most Wanted” playing cards in the jail.

Based upon success in other states, Sheriff McDermott created decks of playing cards featuring those displayed on the “Mass Most Wanted” list, which is assembled by the Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council.

On each playing card is the picture of someone in the commonwealth who is either missing, the victim of an unsolved crime, or wanted. In addition, their name, gender, age, geographical information and details of their occurrence are featured. These cards have been made available to the inmates at the county’s jail in Dedham and can be used during recreation time.

“These playing cards serve as another tool for law enforcement officials to explore ways to find information about unsolved cases,” Sheriff Jerry P. McDermott said. “We owe it to the families in Norfolk County and across the commonwealth to try new and innovative approaches to help bring home their loved ones and create some closure.”

“Not everyone consistently sees traditional media, so even cases that have had substantial press attention will benefit from finding new ways to spread information,” said District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey. “Other jurisdictions have had success gaining information and solving cases through these cards. We are pleased to see several of our cases here and hope this helps.”