It’s been eight years since the start of the controversy over the biased and factually challenged miseducation of our children in the Newton public schools, particularly, but not only, in the area of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and any improvements are virtually imperceptible.

Those responsible, including the professional “educators” whose salaries we pay, the chair of our school board and the board itself have at various times denied there were any issues, falsely claimed any issues had been in the past and no longer problems, denied and stonewalled requests for access to the teaching materials being used and denigrated and insulted parents and community members concerned about the education of our youth.

This mismanagement and miseducation has already gone on far too long. We need a dramatic change in the composition of the school board.

In November’s elections for the new school board, we need to make it a new school board, sweeping out the board members who have long ignored the valid concerns of parents and students. Every prospective board member needs to be put on record about what he or she will do to finally, belatedly, right the wrongs.

Judi Elovitz Greenberg

Donna Road, Newton