I write in response to letters in regard to possible locations and problems related to marijuana retail locations. Since the “retail” horse is already out of the barn, and unless we have more luck than taking another Brexit vote has, we all need to work together to find suitable ways to co-exist with these centers,

It was said in one letter that Route 9 is a logical location because it is commercial already. Let me point out that residences are butt up against Boylston Street on both sides, as well on the street. Many people, families and children, cross back and forth to get to the village for school, post office, church, restaurants, Town Hall and the library.

This is not a desirable location at a busy intersection of pedestrian crossings/Washington Street and a state highway (Route 9) with a fire station in the midst. This is not desirable for the residents, but at the moment it is the only dispensary serving all of greater Boston.

It is Brookline’s guinea pig. These two neighborhoods have shared with NETA, the Select Board, and the police department what the problems and issues are. Some have had some addressing, but they continue with the biggest problem being the hours and the volume. Until other dispensaries open, we have the burden of it all. Imagine only one restaurant or one liquor store in the town, and it is near you. If anyone has influence in Boston, please use it now to speed up the opening of centers for their residents.

When the license renewal comes up for NETA, I hope that all Brookline residents will support relief from the current Host Community Agreement, as we all support better agreements for Coolidge Corner and others as well.

Coolidge Corner is a commercial district, has lots of street parking and a major T line, but we cannot let anyone in town pit one neighborhood against another. No one neighborhood is more special than another. The HC agreements should be also handled equally. If one gets “appointments only” then all should be set up that way.

Right now as the revenues begin to come in from this new industry, all of Brookline will benefit, but Brookline Village and Pill Hill are shouldering the whole burden. This cannot remain the status; other dispensaries must open so that the pressure is off this location. But we should all join together to figure out the most safe, educated and tolerable way to co-exist with this new reality.

Susan Rothstein

Milton Road