Most likely, this year, about 80 Newton high school students will try to kill themselves. Another 400 will purposely harm themselves. If you are not horrified, you’ve probably been desensitized by the frenzied pace of tragedies and dysfunction plaguing our world.

Since 2012, Newton Health and Human Services has published the results of their use Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey. The figures are about the same every year.

Social-Emotional Learning is intended to teach children different habits of thinking that can stem this tide by giving children skills to cope in a society that provokes anxiety and stress. is a new initiative in collaboration with Newton Public Schools to bring these skills out to parents to practice in their homes.

If you are an elementary school parent and wish to have a school system where your child learns skills that can transform all aspects of life, please join this citizen-driven initiative.

Mitch Lyons

Hope Street, Newton