HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Sept. 27 to Kristen Borella, Kenny Smith, Christian Crue, “R.J.” and Kelly Bushey; Sept. 28 to Rachel Dugan; Sept. 29 to Cristy Jenkins, Theresa Filipe, Bonnie Elman and Marly Wallingford; Sept. 30 to Joe Jacobs, Gary Masciarelli, Abigail Appel, Glenyce Somes, Erin Donovan and Katie Fitzpatrick; Oct. 1 to Zachary Chartrand, Al Durand, Carol Regenauer, Patty Cunha, Addison McGorty, Sally Cabral and daughter, Alyssa; triplets Curtis, Marcelle and Russell Durrenburger; Oct. 2 to Dan LaCerte, Ron Bissonnette and Shanna Haley; Oct. 3 to Kelli Ahearn, Kennedy Prashaw, Paul “Skip” Johnson.
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY on Sept. 28 to Fred and Michelle Dusseault, Jack and Lucy Lampinen; Sept. 29 to Bob and “K” Latzka; Sept. 30 to Richard and Diane Daher; Oct. 3 to Ray and Muriel Thompson.

Compiled by Rosemary Rimkus