Councilors Ken Clifton and Katrina Huff-Larmond organized and moderated a community meeting on the water issues affecting residents Sept. 12 at the Randolph Community Center.

The two councilors welcomed the residents and thanked the panelists, including Town Manager Brian Howard, Department of Public Works Director Keith Nastasia, Health Director Gerry Cody, water consultant Helen Gordon and town attorney Christine Griffin.

“The fact that this meeting is dedicated solely to the water issues is a reflection of the priority that the town gives to this issue,” Clifton said.

A joint PowerPoint presentation was made by the panel. Gordon addressed the pump-related issues and the status of the Tri-Town water treatment plant. Nastasia discussed water main breaks while Cody spoke to the health implications including the “boiling water” advisory and the cloudiness and discoloration of the water. Howard reaffirmed the town’s commitment to adequate supplies of quality water.

The audience asked a number of questions, some more contentious than others. A sampling of the questions focused on best practices used in other towns, obtaining state and federal funding, the use of solar energy, publishing water testing results, adverse impact on water heaters and other household items, water conservation measures, impact of new developments on water resources, hydrant flushing and maintenance, reasons for brownness and cloudiness of water, use of filters and gadgets, cooperation of Holbrook, the odor and taste of water, the quality of water in apartments and a range of other issues.

Clifton and Huff-Larmond commended the residents for their interests and concerns and for their willingness to work and collaborate with the town to address all issues. The councilors also expressed their gratitude to Howard and the rest of the panel for their forthrightness and transparency in responding to questions and concerns. The meeting exceeded the scheduled end by an hour.