Busch Gardens


Little did I know on this day so fair

what a world of wonder awaited us there.

Busch Gardens - what a surprise was in store.

All around were birds, animals, and thrills galore.

On entering my friend got a cute birthday pin,

and everywhere people sang Happy Birthday to him.

Roller coasters - birthday boy rode three!

His excitement was enough of a thrill for me,

and just watching the riders screaming down the hill.

The animals, reptiles, and birds were my thrill.

Something for everyone. Children loved Sesame Street.

The grounds, the topiary, just couldn’t be beat.

Employees so knowledgeable, so very well-trained,

and no one seemed to notice that it had rained.

No long lines! Cries of joy filled the air.

Take my word for it. You simply must go there.

Fran Sharon is a Randolph resident.