LITTLETON -- Police Chief Matthew Pinard and Fire Chief Scott Wodzinski report that fire and police personnel rescued an injured hiker Thursday afternoon.

In a press release, Pinard and Wodzinski said at about 2 p.m. Sept. 26, both departments responded to the beaver dam off Colonial Drive for a report of a woman hurt while hiking.

Police located the female hiker, 54, who suffered what appeared to be a broken ankle.

Officers assisted the woman to an easier-to-reach location. The officers worked with firefighters to carry her approximately a half mile out of the woods onto Hardwood Avenue, and into an ambulance.

“Situations like this one help us appreciate the close relationship we share with the Littleton Police Department,” Wodzinski said. “By working together, these officers and firefighters saved valuable time and were able to rescue a person in need and get her essential medical attention.”

The hiker was transported to Emerson Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. She was hiking alone when she suffered the injury, the press release said.

“First responders need to be prepared to answer any kind of call,” Pinard said. “I’m proud of the work these officers and firefighters did to draw upon their training and experience to help this individual to safety.”

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