The City Council chambers were crowded with families and fellow officers there to witness the promotions of several Somerville Police Officers.

Officers Paul Anderson and Devin Schneider were promoted to sergeant. Anderson has served in the Somerville Police Department for six years, holds two masters degrees, and is very involved with Teen Empowerment. Schneider has served eight years with the SPD, most recently on the COBRA unit, and has extensive experience as a field training officer. Each was accompanied by their families for the swearing in and pinning ceremony.

Sergeants Michael Capasso and Michael Holland were each promoted to lieutenant. Capasso, who has served on the SPD for 11 years, is "a heck of a guy," according to Councilor J.T. Scott, and someone the council is excited to see advance in the ranks of leadership. Holland has served 12 years with the SPD, and was recognized for his commitment to kind, clear, and complete communication in tough situations.

Lt. Richard Lavey, who has served Somerville for 18 years, was promoted to captain.

"This is a man I haven't heard a person have a single bad thing to say about," said Scott. "And that's a hell of a thing in the city of Somerville."

The promotion of Sgt. Michael Kiely to lieutenant was not approved by the City Council. All discussion related to why was held in executive session and is not public record.