Tuxedos, tiaras and more were on display at Plimoth Plantation last week.

Tuxedos,  tiaras and more were on display at Plimoth Plantation last week for the premiere of the "Downton Abbey" movie – and not just on the screen.

Guests dressed in period costumes and affected their best English accents for the debut of the new film based on the popular British television drama, which ran for six seasons on PBS. They gathered in all their finery in Ganisborough Hall for a pre-premiere repast before watching "Downton Abbey" at Plimoth Cinema, which shows movies in the museum’s orientation theater.

Many of those in costume would have easily fit on the screen with the Earl of Grantham, Lady Cora, Lady Mary and the Dowager Countess, as well as with Mr. Carson, Mrs. Hughes, Thomas and few of the other servants.

Attired in a tuxedo with white tie and sporting a pencil-thin mustache, Larry Sinsimer of Plymouth looked the part of an English earl waiting for dinner to be announced. His wife Amy wore a long blue gown with elbow-length satin gloves and a white wrap.

"We’re very excited about the movie," Larry said. "We love the characters and the historical aspect of the time period. It’s a bygone era when people dressed for dinner."

Annie Manning of Plymouth was stylishly garbed to attend the premiere. She wore a black gown with gold accents, a long strand of pearls and a gold head band, appearing ever so much like a 1920s British lady of proper birth.

"I loved the series and am excited to see the movie," she said. "I watched ‘Downton Abbey’ on television with my mother, who recently passed. She would have loved this!"

Manning and her sisters "rebinged from start to finish" on all six seasons of the television series to prepare for the film. "We’re ready for all of the shocks and surprises!" she exclaimed.

Wendy McDonald of The Pinehills dressed the part with her friends Maureen Barton of California and Martha Turner-Borek of Carlisle, Massachusetts. They were suitably clad in stylish clothing, long necklaces, fancy hats and hair bows, and even had long cigarette holders – sans cigarettes.

"I want to know what Lady Mary’s been up to and hear those zingers from the Dowager Countess," she said.

For most, dressing the part took some inventiveness as they scoured the house for appropriate accessories and checked the closet for clothes. Finding the appropriate apparel for the "Downton Abbey" premiere was not an issue for the Sinsimers. They simply reached into their closet and pulled out the appropriate costumes.

"We go on cruises with well-dressed Europeans on the Queen Elizabeth 2 ship," Larry said. "I bought the tux and Amy got the gown so we would fit in."

Even the staff at Plimoth Plantation got into the mood. Employees dressed in period costumes and mingled with the guests.

"I know you think I’m Lady Cora, but I’m really not," said Vicki Oman, who wore a navy gown with a tiara and long black gloves. "Our coworker Jade Luiz, who collects antique clothes, dressed us so we could show off in style."

Of course, the party was all prelude to the premiere. Guests were not disappointed when they finally got to see the two-hour movie. After "Downton Abbey" concluded, the audience gave it a standing applause with rousing cheers.

"I loved the love," said Barton, referring to how the film neatly wrapped up many of the loose storylines of the popular characters.

So what happened? Well, you’ll just have to see for yourself. "Downton Abbey" continues at Plimoth Cinema and Regal Cinemas in the Kingston Collection, as well as other area theaters.