State Sen. Walter F. Timilty, D-Milton, hosted an education roundtable on Chapter 70 education funding, with guest Sen. Jason Lewis, D-Winchester, co-chair of the Joint Committee on Education.

The forum provided an opportunity for local stakeholders to discuss policy proposals aimed at improving the Massachusetts school funding formula.

"As the legislature continues to debate policies that will have an effect on our students and teachers, we need advocates to come forward and voice their concerns or questions,” Timilty stated.

The goal for improving the state’s school funding formula is to ensure that each school district is sufficiently and equitably funded, regardless of a community’s economic prosperity, Timilty said. According to the Foundation Budget Review Commission, the four areas of cost that are recommended for updating in the foundation budget include: health insurance, special education, English language learners and low-income students.

“Education is a top priority for me,” said Timilty. “I, along with my colleagues in the legislature, are fighting to ensure that the schools in our district are properly resourced now and in the future. This roundtable was an imperative opportunity to have an open and robust conversation to discuss the subsequent well-being of our schools through proper education funding.”