A dedication ceremony held Sept. 25 hosted by Boston College and the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority celebrated the opening of Pine Tree Preserve, a previously inaccessible four-acre parcel of land next to the Margot Connell Recreation Center and adjacent to the Chestnut Hill Reservoir.

Boston College President William P. Leahy and MWRA Executive Director Frederick Laskey addressed state administrators, elected officials, local residents, and Boston College community members who gathered for the ceremony at the top of newly opened public space.

The site, located on Thomas More Road in Chestnut Hill and owned by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, had been enclosed by fencing for the past 50 years. It now features pedestrian walkways, park benches, lighting and a view of the reservoir and surrounding area.

The agreement to open Pine Tree Preserve resulted from conversations between the MWRA, which has sought to open enclosed parcels of state land to the public in recent years, and Boston College, which had long viewed the fenced-in woodlands as an underutilized resource.