A digital billboard near Route 3, which some nearby residents consider an eyesore, will be in the spotlight next week during a public information meeting called by Mayor Robert Hedlund.

A letter from Hedlund was mailed to approximately 400 residents who live near the billboard overlay district.

The billboard overlay district includes the northbound side of Route 3 on Pleasant Street at Aggregate Industries, where a digital billboard has drawn complaints from some nearby residents. The district also includes the northbound side of Route 3 at 613 Pleasant St., where three landscaping firms are located. It also includes the southbound side of Route 3 near Finnell Drive.

A public information meeting will be held Tuesday, Oct. 1 to discuss the zoning and other proposed billboards at 7 p.m. at Abigail Adams Middle School.

Hedlund said the town recently approved permits for two firms to display electronic billboards at the Pleasant Street locations.

“The first of the two permitted billboards has been constructed on (Aggregate Industries) 611 Pleasant St.,” he said. “The town has been working diligently to ensure that the two billboards that are constructed result in the most positive benefit for the town. Each site has several pros and cons and the goal of this meeting is to review the plan and proposal for the construction of the second billboard.”

At the meeting officials will review a construction timeline for the proposed billboard at 613 Pleasant St. and preserving 35 acres of undeveloped land at the site. There also will be a discussion about how billboards can generate money for the town.

Hedlund said the billboard overlay district, which town council and Hedlund approved in April 2018, is an attempt to clean up the Route 3A corridor.

“The town has been working with the billboard company Cove Outdoor, LLC along with Bristol Brothers Development Corp., and Lorusso Corp to facilitate the removal of billboards along Route 3A,” he said.

Hedlund said the work is included in a long-term beautification project for that area in addition to acquiring and preserving undeveloped land near Gagnon Park.

The site was slated for a large apartment building project, according to Hedlund.

Hedlund said the town planning director, Robert Luongo, and town solicitor, Joseph Callanan, will be available to answer questions from residents about the billboard overlay district.

For more information about the public meeting, contact Hedlund administrative assistant Christine Howe at 781-682-3636 or by emailing her at chowe@weymouth.ma.us.