Grades kindergarten through fifth artists at the Wilkins Elementary School created their own piece to our collaborative Wing Murals.

During the first art class of the new school year, each student made a piece to go into the all-school lesson. This year, students learned about what a mural is and where they’ve seen some before.

They talked about what “street art” is and how it can be interactive. They learned about the artist Kelsey Montague, a street artist who lives in New York City, and creates murals all over the U.S.

Each grade had a specific color feather: Grade five had red, grade two had orange, grade one had yellow, grade four had green, grade three had blue and kindergarten had purple. When pieced all together, the feathers form a warm color set of wings, and a cool color set of wings.

Families were able to take pictures of their student in front of the wings at Back to School night.

SPS Fine Arts staff member is Alyssa Murphy.