More than two dozen officers of the Medford Police Department are being disciplined over the findings of an investigation into their work at a construction project last year.

According to Medford Transcript's Newspartner WCVB Channel 5, 45 officers were investigated by a retired Massachusetts State Police captain who was hired by the city to look into the allegations, according to a statement from Mayor Stephanie Burke and Chief of Police Jack Buckley. Of those 45, seven were issued a letter of reprimand and 20 were suspended without pay for up to 30 days.

Fifteen of the officers were exonerated and findings could not be sustained on the remaining three officers, officials said.

"As Mayor, I'm dismayed and disappointed with the actions of some members of the Medford Police Department. However, I remain confident that in concert with the Chief of Police, we handled this matter swiftly, professionally and with veracity," Burke said in the written statement.

All of the officers had worked details at the Cradock Bridge project in Medford Square, which lasted from February 2018 to April 2018. The allegations of improper compensation emerged in June, and Burke said she directed Buckley to hire an independent investigator.

They chose Paul L'Italien, who completed the investigation by the end of August.

According to Buckley, officers were paid to work six-hour shifts but some did not work the full shift. Officers collected between $230 and $2,000 in pay to which they were not entitled, for a total of about $17,000, city officials said.

Between Sept. 6 and Sept. 11, each of the officers implicated by L'Italien's findings had accepted the discipline dolled out by Buckley and Burke. The officials said those officers will be required to return any compensation that violated department policies before Oct. 4, and will face temporary prohibitions on working in future details.

"The officers of the Medford Police Department, involved in this matter, are decent women and men who have historically served this city with distinction. They are contrite," Buckley said.