Years in Salem/Family: I have been a homeowner in Salem for the last 25 years with my wife Kathy and my sons Will and Jack.

Education: University of Lowell, BS in Mechanical Engineering. For the last 30 years I have owned and operated a small general contracting company, T. F. McCarthy Sons LLC, with my brother.

Appointed and/or elected offices:

- 12 years as Ward 1 Councillor, twice elected president

- Chairperson, Open Space and Recreation Committee 

- President of my neighborhood group.


Why should voters elect you?

Voters should re elect me because I have a proven track record and have been able to deliver results and services for all the residents of Ward One. I feel as though I am level headed and collect pertinent information in order to make informed decisions for our residents.

What are three reasons/issues why you’re running for election?

The reasons I am running for office are the same as when I first pulled papers years ago. A desire to get involved and make a difference. A commitment to provide everyone with the same opportunities my family and I were given growing up here.

Rank the job performance of the current Salem City Council on a letter-grade scale of A to F, and explain why?

I won’t rank the performance of the City Council. I will say I do believe that each and everyone that serves does what they believe is in the best interest of their constituents to make Salem a better place. We do need to work better on building censuses on issues that matter to all of our residents and when possible keep the room civil and respectful when we don’t. We must work as a team to get the job done.

Salem’s housing crisis has received much attention, resources and debate from all sides – the City Council, the mayor’s office, and municipal government. Some say the intervention of government is a key piece in tackling the growing issue, while others say the market will sort things out. In short, where do you stand on this issue?

I believe the housing issue is real. We need to move forward with the repurposing of vacant buildings. We need to give homeowners all the options that we can to stay in their homes. The market may eventually sort things out but it needs help now.

Lastly, what type of relationship should a councilor have with their constituents?

A Councillor should have a professional relationship with their constituents. A Councillor should be approachable and responsive to the concerns and issues that come up and work to resolve them. In Ward One, we currently have 3 neighborhood groups that I represent. As their councillor, I attend all monthly meetings, listen to issues and work collaboratively to address residents needs.