Years in Salem: 30

Family: My wife of 28 years Jane, and our son David - a senior at Salem Academy.

Occupation/education: Attended Northeastern in the eighties but never graduated. I’ve worked in IT for over 30 years, spending over a decade in IT management before starting my own company in 2004.

Appointed positions and/or elected offices: I’ve been the W5 Councillor since 2011.


Why should people elect you?

I’ve worked hard to keep Salem moving in what I feel is the best direction for our unique little city, and I’ve also made sure to reach out and keep people informed about what we do and how we do it.

What are three reasons/issues why you’re running for election?

I feel like the job isn’t finished yet. I’ve worked to get a lot of Ward 5’s issues dealt with, seen a lot of improvements happen, but I want to see us finish some more of them.

Rank the job performance of the current Salem City Council on a letter-grade scale of A to F, and explain why?

I’d give us a D, and that’s generous. We’ve consistently as a body messed up on process, failed to assimilate facts, and far too many of us have held short-sided positions with no willingness to compromise. I’m not excluding myself – I’ve made that mistake as well sometimes.

Salem’s housing crisis has received much attention, resources and debate from all sides – the City Council, the mayor’s office, and municipal government. Some say the intervention of government is a key piece in tackling the growing issue, while others say the market will sort things out. In short, where do you stand on this issue?

I believe government can’t make any individual changes that would make a big impact, but we can make improvements to the underlying market and neighborhoods that can help make a difference. I think we should consider limits to condo conversions annually as well as the measures that are working their way through now. None are a magic bullet that will fix everything – the reality is that we’re a small community that’s part of a much larger region that has these issues.

Lastly, what type of relationship should a councilor have with their constituents?

I’ve tried to focus on being the ombudsman for my Ward. I help with problems, connect people with government, explain what we do, and try to deal with the big picture for the city – without focusing on one core group or another.