Planning a wedding is notoriously stressful. From making a guest list and sending out invitations to picking a location and organizing a party, the entire process requires a lot of choices and a lot of pressure.

But soon-to-be brides in Needham can rest assured knowing there is a place in town that makes sure buying the perfect dress is not added to that list.

“This is such a unique moment for that young girl. She’s under pressure, she has too much to do, she’s on a budget and she needs someone to help her in that moment. And I like to help as much as I can,” said Rosely Rupinski, owner of Victoria Regia Bridal.

The bridal boutique opened on Chestnut Street in February and offers brides-to-be a wide selection of luxury dresses from designers like Demetrios, Eddy K, Venus and Bel Aire, in addition to selling dresses for mothers of the bride, veils, headpieces, necklaces and earrings.

What sets Victoria Regia Bridal apart from other dress shops, Rupinski said, is the personalized experience that customers get when they come in for their appointment.

“When the bride comes with her family and her friends, I lock the door. The space belongs to them. They have privacy, they have fun, I don’t rush them,” she said, adding that she also specializes in handling family members who get too pushy with the bride. “Everybody wants to give an opinion, and sometimes mom doesn’t think the way she does, so I act as a therapist in the conversation.”

Making a life change

A native of Brazil, Rupinski originally worked in architecture for many years, but after getting married, moving to the US and deciding to have kids, she realized the 18-hour workdays made it difficult to start a family. She decided to go back to school and get her master’s degree in interior design, and started working part-time at the chain David’s Bridal just so she could have a job.

She quickly fell in love with the work, and ended up getting hired by Nordstrom in 2016 to establish a wedding suite at their location in the Natick Mall.

That role -- which not only involved selling wedding dresses, but organizing construction and dealing with vendors as well -- ultimately inspired her to start her own company and to help brides feel as special as she did on her wedding day.

“We are all dreaming of that moment of being a princess,” Rupinski said. “Being able to start a new life with this moment, when you’re surrounded by your best friends and family, it’s a paradise moment.”

In fact, that special, short-lived moment is what helped her decide on the store’s name. The Victoria regia (now called Victoria amazonica) is a flower that grows on the Amazon River and lives for only a couple of days after it blooms. On the first night it is white, but turns pink the day after.

“It’s like a little miracle that only happens on the Amazon River,” Rupinski said. “So I wanted to capture that unique moment.”

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