Threats made against high school students of Indian descent in May have been investigated, and were not found to be credible or targeting the students based on their ancestry, according to school officials. The conclusions were discussed at Thursday evening's school committee meeting.

On May 16, ABRHS administrators were made aware of graffiti written in a bathroom in magic marker threatening to harm three specific students on Indian descent. The bathroom was locked, the students named were located and brought to counselor's office, and their parents were notified. Police and school officials began conducting an investigation into the incident.

Superintendent Peter Light said they were able to find the student who made the threats and, according to Light, that student was also of Indian descent.

"We were able, through investigations, to determine that it was not written with the intent of targeting the Indian population of our community," said Light. "It was also not meant to be a credible threat against the students."

Light said they would not be sharing more information specific to the incident.

Light said that even though the intent of the message may not have been to harm anyone, the incident harmfully impacted the sense of safety for the students named and the entire school community. Light said the district would continue to work on issues concerning diversity, equity, and inclusivity and the title of Assistant Superintendent Dawn Bentley would be changed to reflect that effort. Bentley would be the Assistant Superintendent for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity. She would also be focusing on social-emotional learning.