The Belmont High School Boys Rugby team defeated Lincoln Sudbury 31-14 on June 12 at the MIAA Division 1 Semi Final game at Harris field. They will compete in the Rugby State Championships on Saturday June 22 at Curry College. For details, visit

BHS Boys Rugby Coach Greg Bruce said he is very proud. "The boys have put in an incredible amount of work from pre-season workouts all the way through today and you can see how this has built a great chemistry amongst the team," he said.

Bruce said the upper classmen lead quietly each and every day and strive to be the best teammates they can be. 

"This approach is contagious and you can see strong connections from the fourth year seniors all the way down through the newest freshmen and everyone knows to do their part.  When you get kids who are willing to do what’s best for the team and not always ask what’s in it for me, anything is possible," he said.