IMPACT Melanoma and Emerson Hospital installed automatic sunscreen dispensers at 15 locations throughout Concord, Bedford, Westford, Hudson, Sudbury, Acton and Maynard.

The dispensers are located at high-traffic locations such as parks and recreation facilities, beaches, rail trails and athletic fields. The sunscreen at each dispenser is complementary.

“We are very pleased that Emerson Hospital is committed to reducing the number of people diagnosed with skin cancer and is working with us to ensure sunscreen is available in popular and convenient areas this summer,” said Deb Girard, IMPACT’s executive director.

The dispensers, manufactured by Bright Guard, are monitored and replenished as needed. Bright Guard’s sunscreen is rated and recommended for use by children ages six-months and older as well as adults.

“Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in the Emerson Hospital service area, according to our recent Community Health Assessment,” said Christine Gallery, senior vice president, planning and chief strategy officer, Emerson Hospital. “We are proud to support IMPACT Melanoma so that people in our surrounding towns can have fun this summer, while protecting themselves from skin cancer. We anticipate the community will use the sunscreen often and it will become a routine part of their summer safety regimen. We encourage the community to be in touch with a physician with any questions or concerns about their skin.”