ONSET - For Decas Elementary students Layla Campinha and Aniyah Pires, both second graders, Tuesday was not the fun day students hope for at the advent of every summer.

And it wasn’t because the last day of school, a half day for Decas Elementary and Wareham High School students (seniors graduated last Friday), topped off at 56 degrees and definitely required an umbrella for walkers.

“I’m sad today,” said Campinha. “I was crying because I love school.”

Campinha, Pires and their friends and fellow second-graders, Kayighana DePina, Issabela Farias, Darla Singletary, Kenlee Massee and Danisha Woodley, all headed to the Wareham Boys and Girls Club in Onset following the early release day for Decas, and created some rainy day fun at the club.

“I can crab walk, I can duck walk,” said Woodley, leading other kids on the floor to practice the moves, as Layla practiced her split. “But I do wish we were still in school. I really like my teachers and I like my school.”

Woodley’s third-grader friend, Fressia Jones, said she did not agree with the second graders.

“I am not crying today. I love summer,” said Jones. “I look forward to this all year. And I can’t wait to go to fourth grade and fifth grade …”

As fellow third-graders Alyssia Harrigan, Elliana Berriault and Alyson Lagasse all checked out games on computers and Isabella Tenn and Victoria Nee chatted at a nearby table, many of the girls said they were going to miss their school friends and teachers, but agreed there was a huge upside to the break.

“Summer is fun,” said Isabella Tenn, who plans to spend a week at a sleep-away camp for the second time, as friend Victoria Nee added that she is looking forward to time at the Boys and Girls Club and hopes to go with her dad to Arizona “Where it’s really, really hot. I can’t wait to see it.”

The last day for Minot Forest Elementary School and Wareham Middle School is Tuesday, June 18, as the students make up for days lost in February when the Wareham Middle School was closed for repairs to the roof.