President’s award for educational excellence

In recognition of outstanding academic achievement, combining a grade point average of 3.5 with SAT or ACT scores in the top 15th percentile.


Ezra Rae Acevedo

Samuel Paek

Tessa Devoe

Catherine Phypers

Benjamin DiBello

Annabelle Platt

Jacob Eliopoulos

Faith Powers

Jackson Filosa

Martha Rand

Zachary Forni

Nicholas Roesler

Jack Forrester

Cole Schildkraut

Emily Greenleaf

Clyde Schultz

Sophie Harmon

Hannah Scruton

Jessica Harrington

Nicole Sindoni

Adriana Jimenez

Carter Tracy

Cassidy King

Nadja Ueckert-LaPlante

Heather Nelson

Ava Warren

Katherine Noftall

Madeline Wilson

Gardner O'Flynn

Kevin Yon


The STEAM Engineering Pathways Certificates:

Jacob Eliopoulos

Justin Foye

Stuart Geller

Heather Nelson

Shao Qiu Genesis

Lara Connor Monroe

Samuel Paek Annabelle Platt

Nicholas Roesler Carter Tracy Kevin Yon


Visual Arts Pathways

Grace Grotnik Sara Hughes Cameron Mallette

Faith Powers Kiana Williams


Distinguished Achievement Awards

The Ipswich High School Distinguished Achievement Award given in recognition of academic achievement, community and volunteer service, extracurricular activities and athletics. To receive the award, a minimum of 40 points must be earned during the first three quarters of the school year in accordance with the guidelines on the application. This is a voluntary award that requires a student to complete an application in the late spring of the school year.


The following students fulfilled the requirements for one year earning a white ribbon:

Madison Crudele

Adriana Jimenez

Jeremy Powers


The following students fulfilled the requirements for two years earning an orange ribbon:

Ezra Rae Acevedo

Kayley Baker

Nicholas Fonzi

Nicholas Roesler

Kiana Williams


The following students fulfilled the requirements for three years earning a Tiger ribbon:

Evan Antonakes

Kelsey Cranston

Benjamin DiBello

Jason Finkst

Justin Foye

Stuart Geller

Gardner O'Flynn

Samuel Paek


The following students have completed an application fulfilling the requirements for all four years at Ipswich High school and will receive an engraved clock.


Eva Capobianco

Alina Kenny

Tessa Devoe

Cassidy King

Sydney Doolan

Katherine Meaney

Trevor Doolan

Joanna Mullen

Jacob Eliopoulos

Heather Nelson

Zachary Forni

Catherine Phypers

Chase Gagnon

Martha Rand

Emily MacKenzie Greenleaf

Alexandra Sanidas

Sophie Harmon

Nicole Sindoni

Jessica Harrington

Ava Warren

Lauren Kennedy

Madeline Wilson


Best attendance awards: Sponsored by the VFW

Kevin Yon

Zachary Forni


Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award

Awarded to a student that demonstrates qualities of dependability, leadership, service and patriotism

Jessica Harrington


School Committee Recognition Award

Stuart Geller


Superintendent’s Award for Academic Excellence

Martha Rand


National Merit Scholarship Program: Recognized for exceptional academic promise demonstrated by their outstanding performance on the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. Out of the 1.6 million students who took the PSAT/NMSQT, 34,000 were commended.


Tessa Devoe

Annabelle Platt

Martha Rand

Nicole Sindoni


On May 14, the top 5 percent academically ranked students were recognized at the annual North Shore Chamber of Commerce Honor Scholar Night at the Boston North Shore Doubletree Hotel in Danvers. In total, 30 high schools in our area were represented at this event.

Tessa Devoe Jackson

Filosa Heather Nelson

Annabelle Platt

Martha Rand

Nicole Sindoni

Madeline Wilson


Seniors who placed in the National French and Spanish Contest:

Senior Awards: Spanish (2019)

National Spanish Exam


● Evan Antonakes

● Sydney Doolan

● Trevor Doolan

● Cassidy King

● Brian Lucchesi

● Hannah Scruton

● Catherine Phypers


Honorable Mention

● Kayley Baker

● Zachary Forni

● Emily Mackenzie Greenleaf

● Adriana Jimenez

● Nadja Ueckert-LaPlante

● Madeline Wilson


Bronze Medal

● Ava Warren


Silver Medal

● Tessa Devoe

● Jackson Filosa

● Nicole Sindoni


Gold Medal

● Martha Rand


Senior Awards: French (2019)


National French Exam


Eva Capobianco

Nayely Contreras

Maeve Della Valle

Sara Hughes

Martine Linnerud

Isabelle Schell

Mason Webb


Honorable Mention:

Chloe Lewis

Charlize Vermaak


Society of Women Engineers

This next award given in recognition of three years of excellence in science and mathematics:

Honors: Genesis Lara

Highest Honors: Heather Nelson and Annabelle Platt


Robotics Team Awards:

Morgan Dodge: two years, Mechanical

Owen Dorau: three years, 2019 Software Lead

Genesis Lara: three years, former Business Lead

Heather Nelson: three years, 2019 Vice-Captain, former Documentation Lead

Isabelle Schell: three years, 2019 Chairman's Award and Sponsor Communications

Ezra Rae Acevedo: five years, 2019 Captain, former Strategy Lead

Annabelle Platt: five years, 2017-19 Mechanical Lead


Athletic Awards

Scholar Athlete recipients (for maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or above and participating in two sports):

Erik Anderson

Lauren Kennedy

Evan Antonakes

Cassidy King

Sydney Doolan

Joanna Mullen

Trevor Doolan

Katherine Noftall

Rayna Duffield

Jack Norris

Jacob Eilopoulos

Catherine Phypers

Jackson Filosa

Nicholas Roesler

Jason Finkst

Alexandra Sanidas

Samuel Fitzpatrick

Cole Schildkraut

Nicholas Fonzi

Nicole Sindoni

Zachary Forni

Alyssa Terry

Justin Foye

Carter Tracy

Chase Gagnon

Rixt van der Kooi

Emily Mackenzie Greenleaf

Ava Warren

Sophie Harmon

Madeline Wilson

Jessica Harrington

Kevin Yon

Adriana Jimenez


The Salem Evening News student athlete nominee:

Jessica Harrington


Ipswich High School outstanding shcolar athlete award recipients:

Gardner Declan O’Flynn

Joanna Mullen


U.S. Army Reserve Scholar athlete:

Katherine Noftall

Jacob Eliopoulos


U.S. Marine Corps High School Awards

Distinguished Athlete Award

Isaiah Morrissey

Lauren Kennedy


Semper Fidelis Award (for musical excellence)

Catherine Phyphers

Jackson Filosa


Scholastic Excellence

Madeline Wilson

Annabelle Platt


Honors speaker, Class of 2019: Nicole Sindoni

Salutatorian, Class of 2019: Tessa DeVoe

Valedictorian, Class of 2019: Martha Rand


Massachusetts Secondary School Administrator’s Assocaition Student Achievement Award:

Sophie Harmon


National School Development Council Award for Academic Growth and Student Leadership in Learning

Madeline Wilson

Service Awards:

Presented to senior students nominated by faculty and staff in recognition of faithful and dependable service to students and the school community

Ezra Rae Acevedo c s

Katherine Meaney s

Evan Antonakes c s

Connor Monroe c s

Kayley Baker s

Alexander Moon c

Ian Barg c

Stephen Moore c s

Madison Bowen c

Isaiah Morrissey c s

Eva Capobianco s

Alyssa Mossler c

Delaney Carey c

Joanna Mullen c

 Joshua Colburn c

 Heather Nelson c s

Nayely Contreras c s

Katherine Noftall c s

Lindsay Crumley c

 Jack Norris c s

Madison Crudele s

Gardner O'Flynn c

Maeve Della Valle c

Samuel Paek c

Tessa Devoe c s

Catherine Phypers c s

Benjamin DiBello c s

Annabelle Platt c s

Morgan Dodge c

Aaron Poetz c s

Sydney Doolan c s

Faith Powers c s

Trevor Doolan c s

Jeremy Powers c s

Owen Dorau c

Shao Qiu c

 Rayna Duffield c s

 Martha Rand c s

Jacob Eliopoulos c s

Cyrielle Real c

Jackson Filosa c s

 Charlize Reyes-Robinson c

 Jason Finkst c s

 Nicholas Roesler c s

Nathaniel Fisher c

Aaron Ross c

Samuel Fitzpatrick c s

 Alexandra Sanidas c s

Nicholas Fonzi c s

Isabelle Schell c s

Zachary Forni c s

Cole Schildkraut c

Jack Forrester c

Clyde Schultz c s

Justin Foye c

Hannah Scruton c

Chase Gagnon c

Dylan Shea c

Stuart Geller c s

Andriana Silva c

Emily Greenleaf c s

Nicole Sindoni c s

Grace Grotnik c

Samantha Souter c

Sophie Harmon c s

Olivia St. Peter c

Jessica Harrington c s

Daniel Stedman c s

Hannah Herron s

Shannon Sullivan c

Sara Hughes c

Alyssa Terry c

Adriana Jimenez s

Carter Tracy c s

Lauren Kennedy c s

Nadja Ueckert-LaPlante c s

Alina Kenny c

Rixt VanDerKooi c s

Courtney Kent s

Charlize Vermaak c s

Cassidy King c s

Ava Warren s

Samuel Krason c

Phillip Whitfield c

Genesis Lara c

Kiana Williams c s

Laura Levesque c s

Madeline Wilson c s

Martine Linnerud c

Benjamin Yanakakis s

Cameron Mallette c

Kevin Yon c

Good Samaritan Award:

Presented to the senior student who best exemplifies a caring, community spirit.

Nadja Ueckert-LaPlante


Outstanding school citizenship awards:

Presented to those senior students who have made significant contributions to the spirit of the school community through their positive attitudes and influence on their peers as well as their determination to do their personal best.

Kianna Williams

Carter Tracy


The Charles P. Mc Kenzie Award:

The next award was established in the name of a former assistant principal and mathematics teacher at Ipswich High School at the time of his retirement. Charlie MacKenzie was very dedicated and loyal to Ipswich High School, its students and faculty. He was a tireless worker who attended all school events and truly enjoyed helping others. This award reflects some of the qualities and values that were associated most with Charlie. Thus, this award will be presented to the two senior students who best exemplify the qualities of loyalty and dedication to Ipswich High School, its students and staff as evidenced by invaluable service to the community:

Emily McKenzie Greenleaf

Nicholas Roesler


Class Officer Stoles:

Treasurer -- Sydney Doolan

Secretary -- Benjamin DeBello

Vice President -- Jacob Eliopoulos

President -- Adriana Jimenez


Special achievement department awards:

Social studies, in memory of Joshua Nove

Madeline Wilson



Performance -- Charlize Vermaak

Technical – Ezra Rae Acevedo



Heather Nelson

Technology education

Samuel Paek


Physical education

Aaron Poetz

Delaney Carey


Physical Science

Nicole Sindoni

Life Science

Martha Rand



Annabelle Platt


Art and Mrs. Traverso Award

Sarah Hughes



Choral -- Charlize Vermaak

Orchestra -- Tessa Devoe I

Instrumental -- Stephen Moore


Foreign languages

Spanish -- Jackson Filosa

French -- Stuart Geller


Members of the Class of 2019 who have earned a grade point average of 3.5 or graduated with academic distinction. These students wore a

gold tassel and rope. Members of the Agawam Chapter of the National Honor Society also noted.

Ezra Rae Acevedo * $

Grace Ellen Grotnik

Aaron Caleb Poetz

Drew Bowen Anderson

Sophie Margaret Harmon * $

Faith Veronica Powers * $

Erik Johan Anderson

Jessica Jean Harrington * $

Jeremy Peter Daniel Powers

Evan Michael Antonakes * $

Hannah May Herron

Ian Robert Profenno

Kayley May Baker *

Curtley Daniel Holliday

Shao Jie Qiu

Ian P. Barg

Sara Ann Hughes *

Martha Alden Rand * $

Parker Woolman Bates

Adriana Nicole Jimenez * $

Cyrielle Anne Denise Real

Madison Marie Bowen

Adien-Robert Johanson

Stephen James Restuccia

Kayci Bradley Brouillette *

Kayla Elizabeth Kaluzny

Charlize Reyes-Robinson

Eva Donna Capobianco *

Lauren Jerri Kennedy

Alexander A. Rishi

Delaney Sara Carey

Alina Caitlin Kenny * $

Nicholas F. Roesler * $

Joshua Peter Colburn

Courtney Elisabeth Kent

Aaron Robert Ross

Ashley Bailey Comeau

Cassidy Grace King * $

Alexandra Myra Sanidas *

Nayely Viviana Contreras

Max Owen Kivekas

Isabelle B. Schell

Paschal John Corrigan III

Samuel Scott Krason

Cole William Schildkraut *

Kelsey Beth Cranston *

Genesis Elena Lara

Clyde Jasper Schultz *

Lindsay Caroline Crumley

Laura Elizabeth Levesque

Hannah Scruton * $

Madison L. Crudele

Chloe Christina Lewis

Dylan Cooper Shea

Colby J. Delano

Martine Holmen Linnerud

Marisa N. Sheppard *

Maeve E. Della Valle

Brian J. Lucchesi

Andriana L. Silva

Tessa X. Devoe * $

Cameron John Mallette

Nicole Marie Sindoni * $

Benjamin Anthony DiBello *

Katherine Clarinda Meaney *

Joseph V. Sirois

Morgan Olivia Dodge

Meaghan M. McGreevey

Jack James Sotirpoulos

Sydney Elizabeth Doolan * $

Brandie Leanne Melanson *

Samantha Michelle Souter

Trevor Thomas Doolan * $

Sean Allen Mellow

Olivia Alise St. Peter

Owen Armendariz Dorau *

Connor J. Monroe

Daniel Parker Stedman

Rayna F. Duffield *

Alex Ronald Moon

Shannon Elizabeth Sullivan

Jacob Pericles Eliopoulos * $

Stephen Matthew Moore *

Alyssa Brooke Terry

Jackson Gordon Filosa *

Isaiah Rudy Morrissey

Carter K. Tracy * $

Jason William Finkst

Alyssa Regina Mossler

Nadja Ueckert-LaPlante *

Nathaniel J. Fisher

Joanna Ellis Mullen * $

Rixt Tara van der Kooi

Samuel Leonard Fitzpatrick

Danielle L. Nardo

Charlize Caroline Vermaak

Nicholas Gregory Fonzi

Heather Marie Nelson * $

Tye Armand Wallis

Zachary Frederick Forni * $

Katherine Nicole Noftall * $

Ava Nell Warren * $

Jack Philip Forrester *

Jack Edward Norris *

Mason James Webb

Justin Kevin Foye

Gardner Declan O'Flynn *

Phillip R. S. Whitfield

Chase Thomas Gagnon *

Samuel James Paek *

Kiana Rose Williams

Stuart Conrad Geller

Catherine E. Phypers * $

Madeline Dorothy Wilson * $

Benjamin Fallows Gibbs

Emily Elizabeth Pitcairn

Benjamin Francis Yanakakis

Emily Mackenzie Greenleaf * $

Annabelle Rose Platt *

Kevin Yon *


* Academic Distinction

$ National Honors Society