To the editor,

In response to Andrew Grad’s letter from May 13, I would like to offer the following correction to the assertion that recycling is “no longer a feel good story.”

Recycling, when done right, is a vitally important part of a holistic approach to managing waste.

Mr. Grad’s assertion that “Casella Waste Management, is taking our recyclables and turning almost all it into expensive trash to be dumped into landfills or incinerated” could not be further from the truth.

In fact, it is mandatory to recycle in Massachusetts and recyclables cannot be landfilled without a Department of Environmental Protection waiver. Therefore, every product on our Recycle Better™ Acceptable List which is captured has a market to be turned into either a recycled item or other beneficial uses.

One thing Mr. Grad does get right is that it is incumbent upon all of us, collectively, to work together at ensuring the sustainability of our recycling programs.

We at Casella continue to strive to educate our customers how to Recycle Better in an effort to ensure that we meet today’s standard for recyclable material and avoid contamination that leads to waste. In addition, we also continue to do our part to invest in new technologies, find new solutions to shrinking markets, and maintain affordability as costs continue to rise.

It would be our pleasure to host Mr. Grad and any other residents of Somerville at any of our nearest locations, and most especially at our Zero-Sort Recycling facility in Charlestown to learn more about our process and get the facts.

- Bob Cappadona, Vice President Casella Recycling, LLC.