Nathalie Hansen

By Elisabeth Pitts

This week’s Marauder of the Week is senior Nathalie Hansen. An engaged, excellent student, her favorite classes are stats and economics, which she says are interesting to her because they use math in a way that is applicable in the real world. Hansen says that for her, interesting classes are made so by passionate and invested teachers. She says that modern world issues, taught by Mr. Zilcoski, is a great example of that because not only is the class relevant to students’ daily lives but Mr. Z also teaches with regard for the well-being of every student, given the stressful and often upsetting source material they work with. Not one to become discouraged when her interests don’t have an outlet, Hansen started the Science Experiment Club last year and has successfully run it ever since.

In addition to being a club leader, she is also on the varsity girls’ Arlington-Belmont crew team, which practices in the fall, winter and spring. Having found her passion in politics, Hansen volunteered over the summer as an intern for Sen. William Brownsberger, which she said was extremely interesting, especially seeing the way that policies present in our state and town are created. Hansen hopes to study political science or public policy in college, with her central interest being in the way that government can affect people’s lives for better or worse. When asked what advice she would like to give underclassmen, she said “find a balance between school work and other extra curricular and try not to stress out too much about tests and grades, because ultimately one quiz or test is not going to impact your life.” Congratulations on your nomination, Nathalie.

Mayura Thomas

By Claire Svetkey

Mayura Thomas, an academically driven senior with a myriad of interests and hobbies, is a great candidate for Marauder of the Week. Her favorite subjects are biology and chemistry; she finds the subject matter compelling because it can “explain what goes on in the world” and enjoys the labs, which, she says, bring to life the concepts taught in class. In particular, Thomas enjoys Advanced Placement chemistry with Mr. A, who “manages to find explanations to the weirdest of questions” and is clearly passionate about his subject; however, she also loves BC calculus with Mr. Delorio.

As well as participating in academic extracurriculars — she is secretary of the National Honors Society, tutors geometry students, and is part of the Young Democrats Club — Thomas has been on the BHS girls’ varsity swim team for the past four years and as a senior was elected its captain. She calls the swim team a “warm and welcoming community” and even makes the controversial claim that it is the “most spirited team at school.” Thomas is also proud to be a part of the youth group at the Unitarian Universalist church in Belmont; she thinks it is an “amazing” way to meet kids she wouldn’t necessarily get to know otherwise and is especially proud of its many service projects, which include a recent trip to North Carolina to rebuild houses affected by flooding or hurricanes. In addition, Thomas loves to cook. When she was younger she would “pretend to be a contestant on ‘Chopped’” and make meals out of random ingredients; nowadays, although she doesn’t “play as much ‘Chopped’,” she still bakes cupcakes with her sister and makes dinner with her friends when she has time.

Thomas’ advice to other BHS students is, “Don’t be afraid of what others might think.” She says that everyone else is “worrying about the exact same thing,” so it is better to be true to yourself and be happy with who you are than to make yourself miserable trying to conform. She adds that “maybe through your confidence, you will motivate someone else to be themselves.”

Janae Creech Moise

By Hoon Baeg

A passionate artist, a studious scholar, and a competitive cheerleader are just a few words to describe Janae Creech Moise and her achievements during her time as a student at Belmont High School. Creech Moise is regarded by her peers as an accomplished artist in ceramics, drawing and painting, and performing arts. She claims that Mr. Milowsky has been the most influential figure to her in her pursuit of such artistry because “He’s someone I could talk to if I had a problem...He genuinely wants his students to succeed even if their main focus isn’t art.” Creech Moise is also a member of the BHS cheerleading team and the president of the BHS Dance Club. Creech Moise attributes much of her social successes and personal confidence to these activities.

“I love cheerleading because I’ve gained a lot of friendships through the team. It’s made me become more of a social butterfly and I definitely know how to be more of myself around other people.”

In academics, Creech Moise is most interested in pursuing math and English due to their challenging yet rewarding aspects. She finds math to be one of her strong suits as she loves solving problems systematically.

She mentions, “In math, working with numbers and remembering formulas is hard, at times, but I love solving problems.”

For English, Creech Moise finds the materials really interesting in their use of complex language to portray the world.

“Sometimes I connect to a piece really well and become passionate about the work and it’s the best feeling,” Creech Moise said.

Creech Moise also takes creative writing as an elective course.

Creech Moise’s words of wisdom to the student body is to “ask your teachers for help if you need it. I hated asking my teachers for anything but I learned the only way I would get good grades was from actually understanding the material as opposed to getting by on what I know and guessing.”