Wednesday, June 5

2:22 p.m.: Police were called to Thorndike Field for reports of B.B. guns being discharged. Police spoke with two men who were operating the gun, police told the men that they could not have the gun out in a public place and suggested possible locations where the gun could be legally operated. 

Saturday, June 8

9:05 a.m.: A woman on Saratoga Road reported that her home had been vandalized. The woman said that four pickets on her vinyl fence had been punched out and were lying on the ground near the fence. Police said the report was similar to incidents that were reported last week, and that the investigation is ongoing. 

10:39 a.m.: A woman contacted police regarding a scam. The woman said she was contacted by a man on the phone who said that he was with the inspector general's office, and that they needed money from her. They told the woman to purchase approximately $3,900 in Target gift cards and send them to a location via FedEx. After sending items to the location, the woman contacted police. Police reported reaching out to FedEx, who provided the tracking information for the package. Police are still investigating the matter.

Sunday, June 9

7:01 p.m.: A caller reported two packages being stolen from a lobby of a property on Magnolia Street. The packages stolen are a box of clothing valued at approximately $45, and a box of decorations valued at approximately $456. Amazon reported that the packages were delivered to the location, and police are investigating the matter.

Tuesday, June 11

8:29 a.m.: Police spoke to the manager of CVS who said that a man had shoplifted from the store on two occasions. Surveillance video showed the suspect, a black male of stocky build and a shaved head, in the dental healthcare aisle placing items into a bag and exiting the store. CVS said that the items stolen are valued between $1,500 and $2,500. Police said the investigation is ongoing. 

5:23 p.m.: Police were contacted by a resident who said that her daughter was the victim of a possible assault at the Robbins Library earlier that day. The woman said that her daughter, a teenager, got in an altercation with another teenager in the teen area of the library. Police spoke with the daughter, who said the other teen had threatened her and said that the suspect thought she had an item that belonged to them. The suspect allegedly poked the teen in the back with a concealed item in a threatening manner. Police spoke with Arlington Public Schools, and the school resource officer will handle the situation.