The new year, 2019, began with a cold and rainy New Years Eve. Temperatures were 35-40 degrees. The rainfall totaled 0.74 inch with 0.38 inch falling before and 0.36 inch falling after midnight, but the fireworks went off despite the rain in Boston. It’s been a mild start to the new year at 10 degrees above normal.
Here is a brief month by month look at the second half of 2018, July through December. Part two of a two part summary. Part one was in last week’s column.

JULY: 90-97 degrees, six-day heat wave began on June 30 and peaked at 97 degrees on July 3, equaling a record, fourth at 90, with slightly lower humidity, ended at 94 degrees on July 5; 11 days in 90’s for the month; average temperature of 75.9 degrees, 3.7 degrees above normal; four days minimum temperature of 74 degrees was near a record.

AUGUST: More heat! Hottest August on a 65-year record; hottest of any month, equaling previous month of July 2010 at 76.7 degrees; 11 days reach 90 degrees and year to date at 25 days; second most in any year after 34 days in 2010.

SEPTEMBER: Rain, lots of it. Thirteen days with rain, total of 8.68 inches, just short of record of 8.71 inches in 1972; one day of 2.84 inches;18th remnants of Hurricane Florence; average temperature of 67.1, tied in third warmest after 67.8 degrees in 2015 and 67.4 degrees in 2016.

OCTOBER: More and more rain, after 6.45 inches; wettest on record for September and October with 20.25 inches; October had 17 days with rain, way more than normal; 0.70 inches from Hurricane Michael on the 12th; 2.16 inches. in Nor’easter on the 27th, first of season; the monthly temperature average very near normal.

NOVEMBER: Record monthly rain total of 11.23 inches, previous 10.03 inches 1983; record wettest from September to November for the fall with 26.36 inches, previous record 23.06 iches in 2005; 3 inches of snow on Nov. 16; coldest Thanksgiving at a high of 20 degrees, a low of 13 degrees and wind chill below zero; overall a cold November at 41.2 degrees, 2.7 degrees colder than normal.

DECEMBER: “Snowless.” Least measurable snow total 0.4 inch; previous record 1.2 inches and least since trace in 2011; month was slightly warmer than normal by 1.2 degrees; sixth wettest on record with 63.56 inches; and wettest since 2006 with 66.15 inches.

Temperatures for month to date: 35.3 degrees
Departure from normal: +1.2 degrees
Normal temp. for December: 34.1 degrees
Highest for month: *64 on Dec. 21
Lowest for month: 14 on Dec. 9

* NEW RECORD HIGH MAX. TEMP. 64; previous 60 in 1973

Monthly precipitation for December: 3.17 inches
Departure from the normal: -1.40 inches
Normal precipitation for December: 4.57 inches
Total snowfall this month: 0.4 inch
Normal snowfall for the month: 9 inches
Total precipitation for 2018: 63.56 inches
Departure from normal: +11.3 inches
Wettest fall (Sept.-Nov.) 2018: 26.36 inches
Highest temperature for month of Dec: 77 deg. 12/7/1998
Lowest temperature for month of Dec: - 8 deg. in 1980
Greatest precipitation total for any Dec: 10.21 ins. (1969)
Least amount of precipitation for any Dec: 1 in. (1989)
Greatest total in one day for Dec.: 3.46 ins. (1992)
Greatest total December snowfall: 31 inches (1970)
Greatest one day snowfall: 13.7 inches (1976)