The store was a fixture of Scituate's Front Street business district for more than a half-century.


The five and 10 cent stores were a fixture of most local business districts, stocking a wide variety of merchandise.  And in Scituate for more than half-a century, the local 5 & 10  was Goddard's on Front Street.


The store was founded by Clarence Goddard, who, with his wife Ruth and their five children, lived behind the store. His son, James, started working there in the early 1940's. Later on,  another of Goddard's sons, Chuck, worked in the store before he went to Hollywood. He changed his name to Mark Goddard and he rose to fame as Major Don West in "Lost in Space." James Goddard bought the business from his father in 1956. 

In a 1994 interview with The Patriot Ledger, James Goddard said he considered himself more of a merchandiser than a marketer.  What he enjoyed about the business was figuring out what people needed and having it in stock. By buying a little bit of everything, it wasn't hard to please the customers.  And whenever any of his seven children wanted a job, their dad usually needed an extra clerk.  Over the course of his career, his customers ran to three generations of some families.


In 1994, James Goddard sold the store and retired to Cape Cod.  The new owners, John and Janet Miller of Marshfield, renamed the store Harbor 5 & 10.  As for Mark Goddard, his acting career suffered after "Lost in Space" and in 1989, after three decades in the business, he decided to go back to school and earned degrees in education.  Mark Goddard went on to teach at a private school for special needs students in Middleboro and still makes appearances at sci-fi shows.