What is perhaps most frightening about the Republican party, Brett Kavanaugh, Trump, Sens. Lindsay Graham and Chuck Grassley, and even the so-called moderates like Susan Collins and Jeff Flake, who when push comes to shove, fall in line like good soldiers.

And let us remember that when Gov. Baker first ran for governor of Massachusetts, he ran as a right-wing Republican and because he lost, changed his stripes and his costume in order to appear moderate. Fact is, he supports Diehl for U.S. Senate, a candidate who vigorously supports Trump, repeat fully supports Trump!

The Republicans are the party of transfer as much wealth as you can get away with to the super rich, the party of gut the environment to increase the pornographically large profits of oil and chemical companies, take lots of dark money, suppress voters in minority and Democratic-leaning districts, and on and on.

Recent TV coverage, including the Kavanaugh hearing, again shows us how the party stands for cruelty toward those who are down, for taking pleasure in the suffering of others, for mocking victims, for mocking women, for mocking people of color, mocking immigrants, Latinos, Muslims, etc. The party celebrates ignorance by ignoring science except to use it to very effectively to suppress votes and design effective propaganda messages which utilize repetition of lies and deception.

It is a party which expresses extreme rage and hostility toward those who dare dissent. It is the party of white nationalism, of white male privilege.

Election Day is Thursday, Nov. 6. I urge all of us to go vote and to get others to vote. I urge us to vote for the Democratic Party candidates: Jay Gonzalez, Elizabeth Warren, Maura Healey, Bill Galvin, Suzanne Bump, Deb Goldberg and any and all other Democrats on the list.

Bill Dain

Harvard Circle, Newtonville