The School Committee chairman has indicated his interest in hiring Midge Connolly to be Weston’s permanent new superintendent following her annual evaluation, taking away the “interim” from her title.

Connolly took over the top school job this year from previous Superintendent Bob Tremblay, who is now leading the Framingham Public Schools and worked in Weston for one year of a three-year contract.

“We’re obviously very pleased,” said Chairman John Henry at last week’s School Committee meeting. “I feel like the district is moving forward in a very positive direction. I appreciate your willingness to embrace change and to make decisions and sometimes difficult decisions.

“We can always work on communication issues, but overall I’m really fired up about where we are as a team and as a district, and where we’re going, and I think your leadership has been a really calming and positive influence on the district, and I look forward to continuing to go in the right direction.”

Henry said the committee plans to talk with the school district’s counsel to start negotiating a long-term contract with Connolly.

“I look forward to getting that contract done and removing the interim from your title, and having real stability here would be great,” Henry said.

Before Tremblay, former Sudbury Superintendent John Brackett led the Weston Public Schools during the 2015-16 school year, after contract negotiations broke down in January 2015 for the School Committee’s previous pick for superintendent, Thomas Campbell, then-director of human resources at the Needham Public Schools.

“For various reasons we have done a number of searches over the last several years for the superintendent position, and we feel like we have a really good handle on the type of candidates out there, and we’ve been lucky to have a 14-month interview with Dr. Connolly,” Henry said. “There’s no real better way to see how somebody’s performing than to see them in the role … We all obviously have room for growth, but we’re very pleased with how things have gone.”

School Committee member Danielle Black has been compiling comments from staff members and School Committee members for Connolly’s evaluation, and said one of the sentiments has been, “I feel like we’re on the precipice of really great change.”

Connolly’s overall rating in the current evaluation is “proficient,” including in the areas of curriculum, human resources management and development, and knowledge of laws, ethics and policies.

“I think we’re overall really pleased with Midge’s work, and we have areas of exemplary, and areas for continued growth,” Black said.

“A proficient rating across the board is a very outstanding performance,” Henry said.

Among the comments from staff and School Committee members are that Connolly schedules times with administrators to walk through classrooms to observe teaching, which is “helpful for bringing district perspective.”

According to Black, one person commented, “At times we seem to struggle with implementing a district-wide lens and decision making … Administrators should be evaluated based on their willingness to accept the district’s goal. We are too small to have silo decision making.”

Other evaluation comments were that Connolly sets a clear tone on the importance of meeting the needs of diverse learners.

There were also complimentary comments on the district’s visioning process, including coming up with a new mission statement and strategic objectives.

School Committee members hope Connolly continues to be mindful of staying connected to Weston town government, particularly with the hiring of a new town manager to replace Donna VanderClock.

Comments in the evaluation also praised Connolly’s writing skills, but that she needs to work on establishing more consistent communication protocols about what messages get sent out to the school community and what messages do not.

Henry noted any member of the community can email Danielle Black or any School Committee member with feedback on Connolly’s performance and the school district in general.

“All of us appreciate the opportunity to hear what we can do better and what things we’re doing well,” he said.