Lexington Field & Garden Club and the Department of Public Works will hold Arbor Day on April 27; time to be announced. The following day Lexington Conservation Stewards will hold a celebration at Wright Farm on Grove Street.

The Lexington Field & Garden Club, the oldest garden club in America, holds an annual tree-planting ceremony to create community awareness and honor the memory of those club members who passed way during the year. We also describe our work in the schools.

This year, the club will honor 12 members:

— Marjorie Blanchard, who worked for Harvard University for many years and was an avid pianist.

— Peg Bradley, who taught high school biology for 39 years and ran Arbor Day ceremonies in the past.

— Shirley C. Fratello (Donegan), an Arlington resident, who was the proud great grandmother of five.

— Vee Hayward, a Belmont resident, who had a great passion for flower arranging.

— Anne L. Ireland, who wove art and beauty throughout her life.

— Phoebe McCarthy of Lincoln, who was an avid horticulturalist with a concern for the propagation of native plants.

— Janice McDonough who spent her retirement by acting as the crossing guard at Bowman School.

— Caroline Lucile Nijenberg, Wednesday Workshop, who served as the President of theLexington Field and Garden Club. She was also the First Vice-President of The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts.

— Miriam Richmond, a loyal, hardworking member of Morning Study Group, died at age 96.

— Dorothy E. Smith, who was an active member of the Lexington Garden Club for much of the past 50 years and pursued family practice in social work.

— Mary Lou Touart of Morning Study Group, whose life was guided by her passion for arts and fashion design and her dedication to community service.

— Nell Walker, who had many landscape design projects in the area, including the transformation of Lincoln Park and the creation of the adjacent Lincoln Park Fitness Path.