The following article was submitted by Allen and Chris Wang

On March 17, 51 teams from high schools across the state of Massachusetts competed at the Science Olympiad State Tournament, annually hosted by Framingham State University. Teams diligently studied for months leading to the competition. Finally, when schools pitted their skills and knowledge against each other, one team emerged triumphant: Acton-Boxborough Regional High School.

The AB Science Olympiad state team, consisting of 20 students and Coach Brian Dempsey, will once again represent the state of Massachusetts at the annual Science Olympiad National Tournament. With the strongest overall score ever in Massachusetts’s history, the team is determined to set records this May during nationals at Colorado State University.

Science Olympiad features 23 different events, which range from studying human anatomy and physiology to building hovercrafts, from solving crimes using chemical analysis to constructing complex Rube Goldberg machines. The diversity of events allows any aspiring high school scientist to explore a spectrum of topics, including biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, and engineering.

The Acton-Boxborough team members know that Science Olympiad is not merely about winning a competition; rather, Science Olympiad is a team of fun-loving high schoolers who bond over a common passion. Every Wednesday, over 50 students gather over problem sets, tests, and event workshops. In addition, members of the Science Team are committed to promote the love for science in the local community. Every fall, the team organizes Science Family Night to spark an interest in STEM through hands-on experiments and interactive demonstrations.

At the moment, the AB Science Team is hard at work preparing for the National Tournament in Fort Collins, Colorado. The trip requires a significant amount of organization and funding, but team members are confident they will see the fruits of their labor. People interested in donating to the Acton-Boxborough team to help cover the cost of the trip can contact Coach Dempsey at