WHAT: Every Picture Tells A Story

WHEN: 7 p.m. May 1

WHERE: Peabody Institute Library, 15 Sylvan St., Danvers

ABOUT THE EVENT: This program will offer an informative look at the power of pictures to offer a new view of memory loss. When one looks closely at a picture, they see layers of story, expression and meaning. This talk invites everyone to explore living fully in the present moment with a diagnosis of memory loss. Creative engagement provides a holistic view to uncover pathways to unlock story and imagination and discover well-being. This program is for the person affected by memory loss, as well as caregivers, loved ones, friends and the community. The program is intended to help people discover a new way of looking at memory loss for more positive, uplifting moments together. This program is free and open to the public. Register online or by calling the Library.

FOR INFORMATION: 978-774-0554; http://danverslibrary.org