Do you know what your former high school English teacher is up to now? If you had Lucile Burt at Arlington High School, she's getting ready to debut a poetry collection.

Burt taught English and creative writing at AHS from 1970 to 2004. She lived in Arlington for a period of time while teaching at AHS.

"I felt for many years as if Arlington was home for me, even though I only lived in Arlington for 10 years," Burt said. "The fact that I was at the high school for 34 years really made me feel connected to that community."

After retiring, Burt moved to Wellfleet, a town near the very end of Cape Cod. She continued writing poetry, putting together her new book, "The Cone of Uncertainty."

Burt told the Advocate the title of her poetry collection came from the way meteorologists show storm predictions. When they map out where a storm might go, they show a large, cone-like shape covering a wide area.

Burt explained that much like a storm, there are different ways people's lives can go.

She wrote many of the poems featured in her book while she was living and teaching in Arlington. Those featured in "The Cone of Uncertainty" span five decades of writing.

"Now I’m 72 years old and I decided if I was going to do something like this I better do it," Burt said.

A former student, Mark Bailey, took the photograph featured on the cover of her book. It features a rock that Bailey balanced on its point during a lunar eclipse.

"Writing poetry is a very solitary project," Burt told the Advocate. Now, she's turning to the social project of touring her book. Burt will read excerpts from her poetry collection at Robbins Library on April 26 at 7 p.m.

Burt offered three pieces of advice for aspiring writers; maintain a regular writing practice, read a lot of people who are writing the kind of writing you want to do and be patient.