Dennis news in brief

Piping plovers return to beaches
Natural Resources Director Brian Malone reports that three piping plover nests are being monitored on West Dennis Beach, where several trails have been closed to protect the endangered birds.
For the first time in years, a plover nest containing three eggs has been found on Chapin Beach. On May 25, Malone banned dogs from Chapin Beach. Malone said that if the birds hatch, he may have to close the beach for 28-35 days until they fledge.
People are advised to walk their dogs at Crowes Pasture in East Dennis or at the dog park on Route 134 in South Dennis.

Diseased trees will be removed from ancient cemetery
Selectmen have approved the removal of six diseased trees from the ancient cemetery in Dennis village. Three enormous English oaks and three maples, referenced on the cemetery master plan as trees to watch, are now up to 80 percent diseased and rotted. Department of Public Works Superintendent David Johansen said falling limbs are hazardous to anyone walking in the cemetery and to the monuments. The cemetery advisory committee unanimously voted May 22 to remove the trees.
The wood will be stockpiled for the town’s firewood giveaway in the fall.

Yarmouth man charged with forgery and larceny
Weston Radway, 34, of 20 Longview Drive, Yarmouth, is charged with 22 counts of forgery, uttering and larceny of more than $3,600 worth of merchandise from the Mid-Cape Home Centers in South Dennis and Hyannis in February and March. He is also charged with nine counts of forgery and nine counts of larceny for theft by false pretenses of more than $6,300 in merchandise from the South Dennis Mid-Cape Home Center on nine separate occasions in April.
Dennis police were alerted in mid-March when a stolen check was passed at the South Dennis store. Detective Patrick McCaffrey said an alert clerk became suspicious when Radway attempted to pay for merchandise with a check on a Falmouth couple’s account and asked for identification. Radway told the clerk he left his ID in his vehicle, and left the store. When he did not return, the clerk alerted store security. An audit of purchases made on this account identified nine previous occasions when the account was used to purchase items at the Dennis and Hyannis stores during February and March.
In later incidents, Dennis Detective Garvin Kelly investigated theft, by false pretense, of appliances at the South Dennis store April 9 and April 11. On these dates a subject later identified as Radway purchased appliances using the store accounts of two contractors who do business at Mid-Cape Home Center. Kelley learned that a total of nine incidents involving Radway allegedly impersonating legitimate contractors occurred at the South Dennis store in April.
In addition to appliances, Radway allegedly stole power tools and building materials. None of the property has been recovered.