The Saugus High School Fine Arts Department held its annual 2007 Spring Concert featuring the great music of the Saugus High School Concert Band, Jazz Band, Concert Choir and several entertaining quartets.

Openings still exist on the public, education and government (PEG) Cable Access Corporation that must be formed to provide public access programming for the town.

VIDEO: Spring Concert


Under the direction of Nancy M. Lemoine, the SHS Concert Choir kicked off the night, singing ‘Jada Jazz,’ ‘The Drunken Sailor,” and ‘Hushabye Mountain.’

Band director Amanda M. Shelly then led the SHS Jazz Band in Duke Ellington’s ‘Caravan,’ Miles Davis’ ‘All Blues’ and Herbie Hancock’s ‘Chameleon.’

The smooth songs of the SHS quartets, under the direction of Lemoine, started off with ‘Amazing Grace’ by the Bubblegum quartet including Brittany Daley, Ashley White, Jenna Wilson and Andrea Neary.

Next to sing ‘Rock Around the Clock’ were the KAMA quartet members Ashleigh Fafard, Amanada Picardi, Katie Noyes and Maksida Sabachik.

They were followed by the group ‘Forte’ sung by Kelly McCarthy, Jamie Coleman, Ashleigh Fafard and Evangelyna Ettienne and The Other Guys quartet featuring Matt Huffman, Josh Hollett, Alex McNamara and Brian Cipoletta.

The Saugus High School Band took to the stage before intermission, under the direction of Michael W. Donavan, performing ‘Dreamsong’ and ‘K-4 Pacific.’

The second half of the concert began with a rousing rendition of Offenbach’s ‘Can Can’ by the SHS Concert Choir, who also sang three other songs. The Saugus High School Band concluded the program with four additional songs, under the direction of Amanda Shelly.

Goodbye seniors

It was the last formal concert of the year for the following SHS seniors:

Band members: John Crescenzo, flute; Stephanie Lohman, clarinet; Nick Haley, trumpet; Everly McCormack, keyboard; and Chorus members: Kati Casoli, Alisa Kashdan, Jenny Lawless, Lauren Mabee, Kelly McCarthy, Megan Powers, Jamie Coleman, Brittany Daley, Katie Drescher, Alex Ehlers, Kara Giannelli, Kerrie Grella, Alex McNamara, Brian Cipoletta and Matt Huffman.

At the recent Great East Festival, SHS captured several awards including:

· SHS Band – Gold Medal · SHS Chorus – Gold Medal · The Other Guys quartet – Gold Medal · SHS Jazz Band – Silver Medal · Bubblegum quartet – Silver Medal · KAMA quartet – Silver Medal · Forte quartet — Silver Medal   A ‘Special’ night

   A Special Town Meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 4 at 7:30 p.m. at Town Hall. The Special Meeting will be held within the regularly scheduled meeting.

   Three articles on the agenda include: a bylaw change that concerns the work week for Town Hall and other employees; funding for the Shute Brook culvert reconstruction; and an amnesty proposal for in-law apartments.

   Article 2 is a bylaw change that recommends “the work week for fulltime town employees, other than Fire, Police and School Departments, and limited to office and clerical employees, shall be determined by the town manager with the approval of the Board of Selectmen.”

   Town Manager Andrew Bisignani submitted this article because of a bylaw that requires town employees who fall into this category to work at least 36 ½ hours per week. He has said the bylaw essentially prevents him from reducing the hours of these employees.

   Article 3 proposes that the town spend $238,000 to pay for the additional cost of the reconstruction of the Shute Brook culvert.

   Article 4 suggests a 4-month amnesty period running from Sept. 1 to Dec. 31 during which time so called “in-law” apartments occupied by a relative of the principal homeowner would be permitted. These homeowners must register the in-law apartments with the Assessors Office and pay a one-time fee of $1,000. Upon inspection by Inspectional Services and the Fire Department the owner will modify the dwelling to bring it to current code and safety standards. Selectman Michael Kelleher submitted this article.

Cable help needed

Openings still exist on the public, education and government (PEG) Cable Access Corporation that must be formed to provide public access programming for the town.

Board of Selectmen Chairman Peter Rossetti Jr. said the town is still looking to fill out a seven-member Board of Directors for the PEG Corporation. Thus far two residents have volunteered to establish the corporation, which is charged with the task of running cable access-related services for the town.

“It’s responsible for the operation of Saugus cable,” Rossetti said.

The ultimate goal is to establish a local cable studio similar to the successful model in Wakefield, Rossetti said. He noted Saugus is in the same position as Wakefield was nearly two decades ago. Saugus has the opportunity to do great things with its own cable access programming, said Rossetti.

Anyone interested in serving on the PEG Cable Access Corporation should submit a letter of interest to the Board of Selectmen, Saugus Town Hall, 298 Central St. Rossetti said it would be helpful if candidates also dropped off a resume.

  Another Special TM set for June 11

The Board of Selectmen voted last week to schedule a special Town Meeting on June 11 to take up four articles.

Town Manager Andrew Bisignani submitted two of the articles. One is a repeat of Article 14 on the Town Meeting warrant to raise the water rates (which was rejected 28-18 last week) and the other is a petition to request special legislation be filed to allow the town to join the state’s GIC insurance program.

Selectman Stephen Horlick also submitted a citizen’s petition with the required number of signatures to complete a directional and operational audit of the town’s landfill account.

Finally, Selectman Michael Kelleher presented an article that asks the Public Safety Building to be named in honor of former Town Manager Edward Collins Jr., who passed away earlier this year.

If Town Meeting acts on the request, the complex would be renamed the Edward J. Collins Jr. Public Safety Building.


Saugus Hall of Fame   

The Saugus High School Hall of Fame Committee is looking for nominations for the 2007 Hall of Fame Induction. If you know of a candidate that you believe should be recognized for his or her athletic ability while at Saugus High School, please write or contact Steve Nelson, President, Saugus High School Hall of Fame Committee, 39 Adams Avenue, Saugus, MA. A candidate must be out of high school a minimum of ten years.

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