Readers weigh in on Brookline issues.

Just looking for some sleep

In response to the article on May 24 [“‘Party houses’ no fun for neighbors”] I want to thank the people involved who are trying to correct this horrible situation.

All we are asking for is a night’s sleep! The parties in our neighborhood start usually at 9 p.m., and then escalate so that by 3 a.m. when I cannot take it anymore and call the police, over the phone they too have said they can hear the party! Now the problem is when they ask where the party is at 3 a.m. I cannot always pinpoint the location of the party. I do not think that I should be roaming the streets to find the exact location of a party, especially since some nights there are several parties going on.

I do not have a vendetta against anyone. We are just looking for human decency, that you manage your property in a manner that is respectful of your neighbors. We realize that your renters are adults and their behavior is not something you can totally control. But if the neighborhood tells you that they are partying all night long, and sometimes events get violent or they are throwing beer cans, etc., all over the place and driving to endanger, then yes, I do think that there is a lot for you to do. Evict them!

So there are plenty of calls to the police regarding this unruly behavior. And how do I know? Because I am someone who is calling the police often, very often because at 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. and 3 a.m., I am home with my family and we are all wide awake.

On the final note, maybe BU should check in with the police on a regular basis and if there are complaints against students they should handle it. Why should this town take on the fiscal responsibility of corralling these students?

I hope this can be addressed soon because frankly, I could use a good night’s sleep.

Regina Berkeley
Thatcher Street
Come spend the weekend near ‘party houses’

I find it outrageous that Alex Politman claims that those who complain about the tenants on Thatcher Street are doing so because “they just want to make my life harder.” Politman clearly knows that he has violated zoning and building codes; has to be fully aware of the number of tenants living in his buildings; and hasn’t been paying attention if he doesn’t know about the 10 (!) complaints filed about excessive noise and partying in less than a year on the street where he owns property.

I invite Mr. Politman as well as Building Commissioner Jim Nickerson to spend a weekend night in our neighborhood so that they can see just how hard life can get. Perhaps then we’ll have more responsible landlords and a building commission that actually upholds the permitting process before these “party houses” are built.

Lisa Kimball
Pleasant Street
Drainage system is all wet

I am a sixth-grader at the Baker School, and I think that the drainage system at Baker School must be addressed. The drainage system at Baker is very bad, unable to drain even the slightest drizzle. Even if it rains a little bit on Monday, the field usually stays wet until Thursday or Friday. This is bad for many reasons.

On Saturdays, there are soccer games played at Baker. If the field is too wet to play on, the game will be canceled. This is terrible for parents because games are often not rescheduled, causing the parents to lose money, and it is a huge commitment for parents to have to leave Saturdays open just for their child not to be able to play because of a poor drainage system.

The drainage system is also bad for the kids that attend Baker. When we go out to recess, we usually go out three grades at a time. If the field is soaked, and we aren’t allowed onto it, and you have one-third of the school crammed onto the playground and basketball courts. This will result in kids getting restless and rowdy. This results in teachers yelling and a terrible experience. If the kids are allowed onto the wet field, it usually results in someone slipping and getting soaked. This results in an uncomfortable day for the kid, just because of the drainage system. The drainage system also affects the sports. During recess, kids like to play baseball, soccer and football. If the field is soaked, the sports result in the kids running through puddles that are on the field. This means that for the rest of the day the teacher is going to have to live with the smell of wet grass in the room. The poor drainage system should not be a punishment to the teachers.

The drainage system at Baker must be addressed quickly, in my opinion.

Austin Lim
Shaw Road