To the editor:

Sen. Jamie Eldridge of Acton recently spoke in Quincy in behalf of the Safe Communities Act, a bill that responds to President Trump's policy of mass deportation.

Federal cops known as ICE are arresting and deporting hard-working, law-abiding undocumented people (including Dreamers), breaking up families and blatantly targeting immigrant rights' advocates and those who criticize government policies in direct violation of the First Amendment.

The proposed law empowers local and state police to refuse to detain people at the request of ICE unless they have been accused of committing a serious crime. It keeps our communities safe by freeing immigrants from the fear that cooperating with police might get them deported.

If immigrants, including undocumented people, have no reason to fear being questioned about their residency status and turned over to ICE, they will cooperate with police, schools, hospitals and other local authorities on routine matters. They will be more willing to report crimes such as domestic abuse; more likely take someone ill to a hospital; more likely to show up for a parents' conference at school.

When people freely cooperate with local police, it keeps all of us safer. Urge your legislative representatives to support the Safe Communities Act.


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