BURLINGTON — A black bear was spotted several times as it roamed near some very busy parts of Burlington Friday night.

The bear was spotted near Wegmans, Buffalo Wild Wings and a business park, all near the Middlesex Turnpike.

Restaurant manager Albert Henry said he came face to face with the big bruin outside, near the Dumpster. Police officers recorded video of the bear near the grocery store.

"Mass. Wildlife said that, in all likelihood, the bear is getting ready to hibernate and that it's using the last few days it can to try to store some body fat," said Sgt. Tim Kirchner.

The bear might call the Burlington Landlocked Forest home, but it could continue to roam until it beds down for winter.

"If you happen to see the bear, don't go near it," Kirchner said. "Although it looks quiet and docile, it's still a wild animal."

Friday night, police tweeted a list of tips for avoiding encounters with bears, including:

Never leave trash bags outside Do not feed birds or pets outside Do not use open compost Clean barbecue grills and grease traps Never intentionally feed bears